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Team Canada Showdance Promo  

courtesy of Allain Lupien & team

What's in store!

This Promo video highlights the various disciplines at the IDO Championships that Team Canada Dance participates in.

IDO World Gala Event - Poland 2017

Video of IDO Gala World Event 2017, Poland - Fiona Johnson Kocjančič, IDO Sport Director thanks very much all the nominees for making the 3rd Gala so special. Personal thanks for the beautiful gift from Mr. Piotr Patlaszynski

Opening Riesa 2017 - World Tap Championships

The official opening of IDO World Tap Dance Championships in Riesa, November 2017.

IDO World Gala Event - 2015

The very first World Gala Event.  Canada's very own "OORAH" -  ADULT PERFORMING ARTS GROUP, Gala 1st place from Canada. Performing at the 1st IDO GALA WORLD EVENT  in Rimini, Italy, October 2015.  Choreographer Allain Lupien.