The Commonwealth Cup Dance Championships is an international partnership to unite a family of dancers from all Commonwealth Nations for the common purpose of dance education, while displaying good sportsmanship and fostering friendship. 

It began in 2017 and was hosted in Sun City, South Africa by hosts Bonnie Dyer (Canada) and Bev Wood (South Africa).  Sun City was such a gracious host that they are once again holding the championships one more year in South Africa!  It was am amazing experience for all and there are even more dancers from even more nations in this second year of the event!!

The Commonwealth Cup Dance Championships will be held every other year (on odd years) and the intention is to have a different host country each time.  

Team Canada Dance is intending on taking teams to South Africa for the even July 16-20, 2019.  We are planning on taking the established teams that just finished competing at the 2018 IDO Championships in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Showdance, and  Streetdance Show.  For more information, please click here

Team Canada Dance did amazing at our first competition in South Africa!  Stay tuned for pics from the competition!  If you were a member of the 2017 Team Canada Commonwealth, we would love to see your pics - please submit to Melissa or Bonnie.

For more information on the Commonwealth Dance Cup, please click the  link below!

Commonwealth Cup Magazine

Some of our amazing Team Canada Dancers!

Shirel Bronizer

Shirel Bronizer performing "LOVE NEVER DIES"   


Adios (preliminary)

Choreographer:  Tiffany McLachlan


Adios (finals)

Choreographer:  Tiffany McLachlan


Commonwealth Dance

Dancers learning the Commonwealth Dance Cup Routine 


Commonwealth Dance Performance

Dancers performing the Commonwealth Dance 


Photo & video credits

Thank you everyone for your contributions!

Shirel Bronizer

Ava/Holly McCutcheon

Tycho/Melissa Dyer

Alison Sharp




Were heading to Commonwealth!

Team Canada is excited to once again compete in the Commonwealth Cup Dance Championships (CCDC).  The CCDC is an event that takes the best dancers from the Commonwealth Nations to compete.  The commonwealth is a biannual event on the odd years.  2017 and 2019 were held in South Africa, but 2021 will be in AUSTRALIA!  Prepare to join us now!

We will hold auditions so keep checking back with us or contact us to be put on the list.   Also,  studios may bring a group of their own dancers as well.  Please contact us if this is something that may interest you.

CCDC is a DANCE CUP competition.  This means that it is run more like our competitions, where you dance once and are awarded placement.  We will still be awarded on the podiums.  Overall dancers will compete in the final DANCE-OFF at the GALA on the final day of competition.  There are awards for everyone, including ribbons, medals and/or trophies, and cash awards for top 3's.  Dancers may enter in any genre they wish and may dance as often as they want.  Entry fees are separate.  Workshops are available from renown dance educators from around the Commonwealth.  

THE DIFFERENCE:  The WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS we regularly attend are considered the "Olympics of Dance".  Each nation can only bring 3 of their top athletes for a week of intensive competition in one genre.  The competition is fierce, unlike any other!  The CCDC will be bringing together many of the same dancers to this competition, but they will be allowed to bring more dancers that can dance in more categories.  Dancers from Canada, Gibraltar, Australia, South Africa and Malaysia have gone head to head for first place many times!!