The Commonwealth Cup Dance Championships is an international partnership to unite a family of dancers from all Commonwealth Nations for the common purpose of dance education, while displaying good sportsmanship and fostering friendship. 

It began in 2017 and was hosted in Sun City, South Africa by hosts Bonnie Dyer (Canada) and Bev Wood (South Africa).  Sun City was such a gracious host that we have decided to hold the championships one more year in South Africa!  It was am amazing experience for all and we hope for even more dancers from even more nations our second year hosting this event!

The Commonwealth Cup Dance Championships will be held every other year (on odd years) and the intention is to have a different host country each time.  

Team Canada Dance did amazing at our first competition in South Africa!  Stay tuned for pics from the competition!  If you were a member of the 2017 Team Canada Commonwealth, we would love to see your pics - please submit to Melissa or Bonnie.

For more information on the Commonwealth Dance Cup, please CLICK HERE.