Alex Wong

Serena Crouse

Serena Crouse was on Team Canada for 2 years, 2013 & 2014. She had an amazing time both years. Her special moment was going through the process of making it every round with her jazz solo. In the end she made it on the podium and was awarded a silver medal for her solo.

The experience was something special but the friendships she has made with her teammates is even more special. Till this day she is still talking to her dance friends who live in Poland.

Since Team Canada, she has been dancing and competing just like the rest of the alumni. At competition Serena gets to see everyone and watch them dance. They are all supportive of one another.

Serena has also ventured out into acting. She is with an elite dance agency in the Lower Mainland and has been busy with National-wide commercials, she was apart of a award winning short film with the cast of the TV Series “The Flash”, she was in a dance spot on the TV Series “Once A Upon A Time”, but most recently she had a recurring role as Simone for Season 5 of “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.” It was such an amazing experience to be part of a cast for the season that she can’t wait for the next opportunity to come her way.

The most important part of being on Team Canada besides the travelling and the new friends she met is knowing the two most amazing people, Danielle and Michelle. They have become part of her family and Serena loves every chance she gets to assist Danielle. She was assisting the last Team Canada Dance Show with Danielle for their trip to Germany this past fall.