THE AMERICAS is a Department of the I.D.O. that networks professionals in the dance industry  through educational programs, workshops, conventions, and dance competitions.      


The mandate of the “The Americas Continental Conferences” is to promote unification of dancers worldwide through IDO World Competitions, workshops and conventions.  We hope to foster good relations between all countries and dancers and promote good sportsmanship worldwide.

In part, the initiative of this department is to introduce the rest of the world to the North and South American world of dance.  Out of this, the first IDO World Dance Challenge was created, being hosted in Monterrey, Mexico.  Please keep scrolling to find out more about this exciting event!

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MONTERREY, MEXICO July 25-August 1


As a part of the Americas Conferences, TEAM CANADA DANCE will be heading to the IDO World Dance Challenge this summer to participate in the Competition, Workshops, Lectures, Expo, and Auditions!  This is also a QUALIFYING competition to head to the IDO World Acro Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Scroll down!

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2020 VIP FACULTY (pdf)